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Trailer of the week

Into The Mirror - Korea - 2003

Trailer of the week

The Host - Korea

Trailer of the week

R-Point - Korea - 2004

Trailer of the week

Noriko’s Dinner Table - Japan

Trailer Of The Week

The Housemaid - Korea - 2010

(more thriller than horror, but it’s still a fine watch)

Trailer Of The Week

The Cat - Korea - 2011

Since it’s kawaii princess Kaitin’s birthday today, I wanted her to pick the trailer of the week. Kaitin has chosen:

RE: Play Girls(Japan-2010) 

Locket has chosen Uzumaki for this weeks trailer 

dondadayoh  has picked Bunshinsaba(Ouija Board/Witchboard- Korea) for trailer of he week

Cold Fish - Japan

Modaal and I should watch this together! 

I owe trailer of this week to chosimbaone  since tumblr was being a dick and I never received his reply that he sent last week,

So, this weeks trailer is

Crazy Lips - Japan

I have not seen this yet, but i’d love to now. 

Infection - Japan

This movie scared the shit outta my dad.