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Man, Korea. You and your short films. This was generally about right and wrong when money is involved but also with a murder in your path. So there in lies the grand ole tale of guy chooses money over all. Which doesn’t go well like most stories. Good short for 15 minutes. 

Crank Up(2010)

Gab-su KIM is a film directing student. After finishing his workshop, Gabsu KIM and Sung-gil OH, the Cinematographer of KIM’s work, being the only two left at the location, decide to start drinking. KIM is an idealist, so he starts explaining about his view on art. However, OH, as a realist, thinks KIM is pathetic. to explain his artistic view better, KIM suggests to play situated performances. KIM realizes there is a bag in the corner that they did not notice before. He opens the bag, and finds full of cash inside. Then KIM tries to take the money in the bag; OH dissuades KIM, but two freeze when a strange guy enters into the location.

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Park Chan Wook’s short “Nightfishing”

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Gifs from Park Chan Wook’s Nightfishing (Paranmanjang) are finally here! :D

Trailer of the week

Yoshie Zero (prequel to Mutant Girl Squad) - Japan

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