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Asian Horror
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—Ring 0: Birthday (2000)

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Kansen -Masayuki Ochiai


—Ring 2 (1999)

Helter Skelter (2012), director, Mika Ninagawa

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Audition (1999) | dir. Takashi Miike

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Nobody likes you anymore. You’re tarnished! FILTHY!

Perfect Blue (1997) dir. Satoshi Kon

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Ju-on: The Beginning Of The End(dir. Masayuki Ochiai, 2014)

Yui becomes the homeroom teacher at an elementary school. She visits the home of her student Toshio Saeki, because Toshio Saeki refuses to attend school. Soon after, Yui faces horrifying phenomenons.

14 years ago, the family that lived in the home all died. She visits Toshio Saeki’s house again and finds a box in the closet. The box is a gateway to the secrets of the doomed home.

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I love you, Oh Dae-su.


Junji Ito cosplay

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A Tale Of Two Sisters(dir. Kim Ji Woon)

In a direct reference to the original fairytale of Rose Flower and Red Lotus, Su-mi find a bloody package containing fish entrails in the fridge; a gory package which is clearly an allusion to the skinned dead rat in the original fairytale [x]


The Vengeance Trilogy: Protagonists & Antagonists

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Battle Royale // random screenshots